For healthy relationships

For healthy relationships

By Marie Bernard, official Notion ambassador, trainer and creator
Hello and welcome to this template to share with your partner(s), friends or family members.
It will help you to clearly define your needs, expectations and desires in the relationship to avoid misunderstandings and to have healthier relationships. It also enables you to settle your conflicts more calmly, and to focus on the other person's qualities and the positive aspects of the relationship rather than on the negative. Yes, I'm talking to you, the one who moans about the socks in the living room 😉
A little background I created this model in a personal context with my partner, and it enabled us to understand each other and our behaviors better, so we could communicate better with each other and avoid unfulfilled expectations. It worked for us, why not for you? 🤍
Denying the existence and activity of our ego deprives us of the potential to grow, discover ourselves, and become a person more aligned with our own values.

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🫂 Understanding Each Other


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